We strive for both personal and academic excellence, challenging ourselves to excel in our studies and individual achievements. We believe that education is a catalyst for intellectual and personal growth and we strive to develop the necessary understandings, knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfill our own potential.

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We are international by nature. We value our sense of belonging and agency in a multicultural society, respecting and celebrating diversity. As such, we understand how decisions and action have an impact on others from a local to a global scale and we are empowered to take responsibility.

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As a community of lifelong learners we have the passion and self-motivation to inquire. We ask questions, search for multiple perspectives, and we seek answers to understand the world around us. We develop our own learning style by reflecting on our strengths and personal attitudes in order to become self-regulated individuals. The love for learning is carried out throughout our lives.



In an interconnected world, rich with cultural and linguistic diversity, we understand the need to develop our competencies to express ourselves in multiple ways. Through digital literacy, the Arts and the ‘100 languages philosophy’ * we become active listeners and confident communicators when interacting with others

* 'The 100 languages of children’ is Loris Malaguzzi’s (founder and the developer of the Reggio Emilia Approach) metaphor for a child’s learning potential.

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We value responsibility, honesty and integrity. Our sense of empathy and respect lead to mutual understanding and cooperation. We care for our environment and have compassion for the needs and feelings of others. Our students experience and develop attitudes, beliefs and values that will remain with them for life.